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How to clean silver & gold plated jewellery

Watch these top tips on how to clean silver plated and gold plated jewellery.


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Make Cufflink’s out of Paper clips


A great video that shows you step by step how to make cufflink’s out of paper clips.…

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How to attach Cufflinks


New to cufflinks? This video will show you how to keep your cuffs locked into place with a bar cufflink.…

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How to make Spiral Cufflinks


Want to be creative? Got some left over wire? why not make some spiral cuff links, watch the video to find out how.…

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How to Wear Cufflinks


When attaching cufflinks ensure that the cuff is even all round and then keep them together with a customized cufflink to match, watch the video to find out more on how to properly wear your cufflinks.…

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