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The Top Ten Cufflinks of 2014

The Top Ten Cufflinks of 2014

Accessories are definitely the ultimate way to incorporate color as well as individuality to any outfit. From bold socks to the emergence of the lapel pin, 2014 was the “Year of the Accessory.” realizing that the finishing piece to a person’s attire is the perfect pair of cufflinks. As 2015 approaches, here is a summary of the “Top 10 Cufflinks of 2014,” featuring the most popular styles which were flying off the web and onto men’s cuffs across the nation.

.10: Cool Cut Moustache CufflinksMoustache Cufflinks
Together with the rise in recognition in mustaches as well as the Movember mens health movement, the Cool Cut Moustache Cufflinks were one of the top selling cufflinks of 2014. Trendy and purposeful, the Moustache Cufflinks provide that hipster look whilst giving back to a great cause. Each and every set sold triggers a business donation to prostate cancer research.

New York Cufflinks.9: Pewter New York Cufflinks
Consumers in a “New York state of mind” could actually show their support of the Big Apple with these stylish cufflinks. After all, if home is where the heart is, then what better way to exhibit that love and wear your heart on your sleeve? Hand cast in pewter and made in Texas, any home state might be symbolized.

Bottle Opener Cufflinks.8: Stainless Bottle Opener Cufflinks
Apropos for the tail gate or a celebratory beer within the boardroom, these types of truly purposeful cufflinks are definitely the most fashionable way to pop open your preferred stout, porter or IPA brew.

Baseball Cufflinks.7: Game Used San Francisco Giants Baseball Cufflinks
Everybody loves a champion, and no one embodied winning better this season compared to San Francisco Giants. Each and every set is constructed of baseball stitches which were once used in an actual game. Just about all cufflinks are authenticated by Major League Baseball and are available with a hologram serial number, which may be looked up to learn additional information of the game. Every MLB team is available as well. Play ball!

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks.6:
Not merely James Bond-like, but actually useful for a Bond film, the USB Flash Drive Cufflinks will be the ultimate representation of function meeting fashion. Sleek and powerful, shoppers may store approximately 1,000 mp3s, photos and files at the ease of your cuff.

American Flag Cufflinks.5: American Flag Cufflinks
From politicians to professional athletes, the American Flag Cufflinks have already been a favorite of this year. Although political party lines continue to polarize just about any subject matter, the thing that binds us together is our love of country. The stars and stripes will be the best symbol of freedom and democracy — a really exceptional design.

Silver knot Cufflinks.4: Silver Knot Cufflinks
Classic, timeless and can be worn with anything at all, the Silver Knot Cufflinks are among the top cufflinks for 2014, and maybe every year moving forward. Polished silver executed into the strength of a knot, they are truly one of the quintessential cufflinks.

Engravable Cufflinks.3: Infinity Edge Engravable Cufflinks
Every guy needs to own a set of cufflinks with their monogram. These are the great personalized gift and stand the test of time. 2014 featured a monogram explosion from hats to backpacks. We go along with the motion, but with sweet subtlety. Please don’t match these with your monogrammed sleeves.

Silver Watch Movement Cufflinks.2: Silver Watch Movement Cufflinks
2014 designated the production of details on the iWatch, Fit Bit and other devices which will tell you anything from the time to your vital signs. The Watch Movement is really a throwback to a more sophisticated time. The cufflinks feature movements taken from old watches and also evoke a style from a different era.

.1: Superman Cufflinks
Superman CufflinksEvery boy grows up dreaming about being the Man of Steel. “Quicker than the usual speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!” These kinds of bold, ingenious cufflinks could make you feel one part Clark Kent, one part superhero.