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Every Man Needs Cufflinks!


5 Good Reasons Why Every Man Needs Cufflinks

Did you think cufflinks were just for job interviews and weddings? Most men are under the impression that wearing links makes them look arrogant and pompous. This is a total misconception! Truth is, cufflinks can be the most interesting part of your whole ensemble if you wear …

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The Top Ten Cufflinks of 2014

Top 10 Cufflinks of 2014

Accessories are definitely the ultimate way to incorporate color as well as individuality to any outfit. From bold socks to the emergence of the lapel pin, 2014 was the “Year of the Accessory.” realizing that the finishing piece to a person’s attire is the perfect pair of cufflinks. As 2015 approaches, here is a summary …

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The Greatest Cufflink Guideline


Though men’s jewelry might create connotations of doubtful chains and pub landlord rings, there’s one bauble that the gentleman of refinement can easily wear with full panache in addition to confidence. Cufflinks are to men what jewelry is to ladies; a splash of some thing treasure-like for day-to-day imbued along with talismanic importance. Cufflinks are …

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Cufflinks: Your wrists will appreciate it

Stylish Cufflinks

In relation to daily accessories, men have a couple of possibilitiesthere is the tie, the watch, the briefcase. There is however a classic favorite in the dresser drawer worth reconsidering: the cufflink.

These style statements of the wrist are making a comeback. They’re being put on day and night and …

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Fox News’ “Outnumbered” presenter wears domestic violence cufflinks

caveman cufflinks

Fox News’ “Outnumbered” is a television show that – with regards to I can tell – takes a lot of time referring to just how sexual attack against men and boys just isn’t that huge of an issue. The typical assumption appears to be to invite 1 man to say horrid things, and then …

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How to Recognize Quality; From Cufflink to Collar


I had been a short while ago lunching with a close friend when she idly pulled on a thread on her shirt. You understand the rest-if she had continued, she’d have been completely nude!

That got me thinking. Most people don’t genuinely understand the existence or lack of quality in our clothes

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Make Cufflink’s out of Paper clips


A great video that shows you step by step how to make cufflink’s out of paper clips.…

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How to attach Cufflinks


New to cufflinks? This video will show you how to keep your cuffs locked into place with a bar cufflink.…

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When Should Men Wear Cufflinks?


It’s usually stated that women are generally luckier than gents, with regards to things like fashion and formal clothing. Even though an awful lot of women might debate that it’s a small reward for many centuries of oppression, the simple truth is that males don’t have the same range of style choices. Formal clothing for …
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How to Wear Cufflinks


When attaching cufflinks ensure that the cuff is even all round and then keep them together with a customized cufflink to match, watch the video to find out more on how to properly wear your cufflinks.…

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