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Silver and Gold Plated Cufflinks

Silver and Gold Plated Cufflinks

Due to the current economic downturn, ‘Fashion’ jewellery is becoming more and more popular, why notd join this trend buy purchasing yourself a set of silver or gold plated cufflinks. The benefit of having gold or silver plated cufflinks is they still look expensive but they cost much less in comparison to the price of a pair of sterling silver cufflink or even solid gold cufflinks. The reduced price tag also means that you may be able to build a collection of cufflinks to wear with different outfits.

Should you buy yourself gold plated cufflinks and a pair of silverplated cufflinks you will have a set of suitable cufflinks for any occasion; your gold cufflinks will match with red shirts and brown suits whilst you silver plated cufflinks will look great with pink shirts and grey suits. The next stage of investing in cufflinks would be to buy cufflinks for different occasions for example love themed cufflinks for you to wear to weddings, or on your anniversary. To read more about wedding cufflinks, click here.

How to clean silver & gold plated jewellery

Watch these top tips on how to clean silver plated and gold plated jewellery.