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Should You Wear Cufflinks to Work?

Should You Wear Cufflinks to Work?


We’ve practically all experienced it. The numbing sensation when you are out of bed each day and have no clue of what to wear. The feeling of still being worn out after you’ve showered, staring in the pit that is your clothing collection and having absolutely no creativity. This challenge — the ‘what to wear to work’ difficulty — is usually resolved with this simple premise: turn the boring in to the eccentric. Sound harder than it is? Nonsense. It is uncomplicated, it’s quick and it’s exciting. Placing clothes together, evaluating looks is what we, here at Cufflink Manufactures, like doing, it’s what all of us do best, and it’s what excites us. Style in the mundane? Most definitely.

When you look at your current wardrobe in the morning or even go out shopping to fix yourself a brand-new ensemble take into consideration what can complement it. I usually express that accessories finish an outfit and that’s the case here with work wear. Indeed, more often than not you will have to put on a shirt to work and sure, sometimes it will have to be plain white however, you can add your own distinctive style, your very own turn on the generic ‘work look’ with the addition of accessories. Putting on a watch, as an example, puts your individual signature on the oufit. This wrist watch a person wears reveals a good deal about them, somebody who wears a classic watch, for example, has a different style than somebody that would like to wear a Rolex. Buttons over cufflinks, laces or not, the choice is yours. The choices go on.

Nevertheless, there is a procedure I’ve got to profess for what to wear to work, it’s the guideline that brings together the 3 looks below and is as crucial to take to work as your brief-case. The procedure: put a spin on the ordinary. I’ve mentioned accessories however there are other options. If the shirt as well as trousers is one thing your work requires of you then you should think about the shoes you wear. Brown, polished shoes with laces include that definitive style instead of black slip-ons. Adding a bit of colour to the outfit actually pulls it all together. Black shoes have their place with some outfits – you don’t want to have too much happening — but brown is really a subtle way of pulling style into what you wear to work.
The easiest way of looking at what to wear to work — that challenging leap you have ahead of you each morning – is that it’s fun. It’s fun to put outfits together, its fun to have that one product that makes the outfit complete and original. Have a look below at the three outfits I’ve put together that demonstrate that adding accessories, having one patterned item to the simple shirt and trousers can really make a difference.


Design 1:
Any time thinking of what to wear to work, you can’t ever get it wrong having a suit. Boring, you say? That’s why you choose a tweed suit. A tweed suit is a bit more different than a traditional suit. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no problem having a suit – we, Cufflink Manufacturers love them — although wearing tweed to work screams style. Don’t just end there. By adding cuff-links as opposed to buttons and a decently coloured bag to hold your items you don’t have too much going on, you have exactly enough. You’re saying you’re entirely in charge of your own style and you’re embracing it.


Design 2:
Wintertime is here now and we have to wrap up warm, even in work. Cardigans are supposed to help keep you warm but additionally they look good. It’s not too casual — with the equilibrium of cardigan and dickie-bow, this shows that you value the value of looking sensible but sometimes do this with a informal spin around the generic look. Also, when you’re working and wearing a cardigan it shows that you mean business.


Design 3:
This particular look is all about the accessories that make it. The theory is that, it’s a normal design — a shirt and trousers – though a patterned tie it presently makes the design that extra intriguing and trendy. Going from there, the cuff links and wrist watch go with one another to give a classic spin on it. Finishing it using a pair of plain black shoes works within this design because it prevents the ensemble from having too much happening. It’s a subtle design with small details that bring it together.

What’s important to keep in mind when considering what to wear to work is how do you make the dull un-boring, how can you change the stereotype of shirt/trousers/tie to something which is a bit more intriguing, eccentric yet — most significantly as we at Cufflink Manufacturers — eye-catching. Add accessories; add a patterned tie, colourful shoes together with laces, cufflinks instead of buttons. Small things finish outfits, they give it that life that other outfits don’t. As always we love to hear from you so tell us what you wear to work as well as any ideas you’ve got on transforming the stereotype of work wear.