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Retired Ref Still Wears Red Card Cufflinks

Retired Ref Still Wears Red Card Cufflinks

Despite having retired, Dr Errol Sweeney remains committed to his job; so much, he will wear cufflinks which have red not to mention yellow cards on them.

Sweeney wears the red cufflink on his right hand along with the yellow on his left and even says it’s regarding the way he used to always keep his cards in different pockets during his refereeing days.

The former Premier Soccer League and Fifa referee, popularly known as ‘The Hanging Judge’, has branded the caliber of refereeing around the world as ‘mediocre’. Sweeney was speaking to Robert Marawa and other studio guests on Extra Time on Monday nighttime.

“I feel the referees have mislaid the main understanding of what brought them in to football. The commitment to always be reasonable, neutral also as an objective arbitrator in an event or incidents that happen,” explained Sweeney.

“Particularly in the UK, the REF’s have become part of the celebrities that the players are. They want to become a member of that club and some of the REF’s have in fact retired and written books as well as going around in engagements around the country. To me that’s totally wrong,” added Sweeney.

Sweeney additionally made a few useful revelations in regards to the refereeing career and also highlighted the payments of the whistle blowers.