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Fox News’ “Outnumbered” presenter wears domestic violence cufflinks

Fox News’ “Outnumbered” presenter wears domestic violence cufflinks

Fox News’ “Outnumbered” is a television show that – with regards to I can tell – takes a lot of time referring to just how sexual attack against men and boys just isn’t that huge of an issue. The typical assumption appears to be to invite 1 man to say horrid things, and then the female presenters react by also saying terrible things or lightly chastising the person without in actual fact taking trouble with any of the nasty things they have said. In this week, the person requested to say dreadful things was Fox News business contributor Charles Payne, along with the ladies there also to say dreadful things or carefully chastise him were Sandra Smith, Harris Faulkner, Kirsten Powers and Jedediah Bila.

To recognise the occasion of being surrounded by females, Payne wore a set of cuff links designed using a scenario of domestic violence. He assumed this was pretty humorous and fascinating, and the ladies of “Outnumbered” seemed to agree. There is plenty of laughter throughout.

“Hey, anyway Charles, we forgot to point out something. I just caught the bling on your cufflinks! What are the they, by the way? ” stated Smith.

“This is really a neanderthal pulling a lady with one club in one hand and the woman in the other hand,” Payne responded with a smile.

“What are you currently attempting to point out, Charles? ” went the response, again with a laugh.

“All I’m seeking to say is I am intimidated by all of you, and that i was required to overcompensate,” he explained.

“Is that a drumstick or even a club? ” Faulkner questioned by way of clarification.

“A club,” Payne noted.

Everyone giggled some more. And scene.

I mean, let’s check out this exchange again, since this was basically what actually transpired:

Woman: Hey is that a man dragging a woman by her hair on your cufflinks?