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Class meets panache – When Cufflink Manufacturers spoke to Tateossian

Class meets panache – When Cufflink Manufacturers spoke to Tateossian

Cuff links aren’t just what your grandpa wore or what your manager plays with through meetings, they’re minor pieces of art on your sleeve and Robert Tateossian the ‘King of cufflinks’ most recently traveled to Saks Fifth Avenue in Bahrain and explained to Cufflink Manufacturers about his fabulous brand of men’s accessories.

I’m going to hazard a guess that men that invest and invest in cuff links choose to look closely at detail and take pride in expressing themselves. Purchasing a Robert Tateossian pair of cuff links enables this personal touch not just on French cuffs but also with men sporting a thobe.tateossian-gear-cufflinks

“Men in Qatar and Doha are probably the highest wearers of cufflinks having said that the stem is required to be 30 % extended to fit the eyelets in the thobe cuffs. I just came from Doha and I am developing something mainly for them. I evaluated the problem and invented a solution,” said Robert.

His beautiful lines range in price from BD69 to BD26,000 as well as cater to all age groups. Regarding the younger generation or maybe more contemporary man they’ve already designed ‘deadly creatures’. This specific line features insects/animals which are found in their environment encapsulated in colourful resins backed by white mother of pearl.

A ‘Funky Skulls’ line is one more ‘hip’ option and features rhodium-plated metal skulls with DJ earphones, or even a baseball cap. The eyes are adorned with Swarovski crystals for that final sparkling touch.

For the collector type, you can find cuff links in the limited edition ‘Silver Ammonite’ line made out of rare natural ammonite fossils made countless years ago from the Jurassic and Paleozoic eras.

My favourite may be the 18K Gold Cable Meteorite cuff links manufactured from pure Muonionalusta and Gibeon meteorite, found from Sweden and Namibia, that have the ‘Widmanstatten’ patterns (shiny etches patterns fashioned over numerous years from slow cooling) simply confined to 50 sets. Out of this world!

Next year will be the brand’s 25th anniversary and its going to transfer to leather-based products, iPhone and iPad cases engrossed in jewel components. Also in the pipeline, as outlined by Robert, is a transfer to eye-glasses or a fragrance.

The Robert Tateossian line is situated in London and available in even more than 50 nations worldwide with around 1,000 points of sale appealing to stars, models, professionals, political figures and also heads of state.