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Choose the right cufflinks

Worn with dress shirts: Cufflinks are worn in accordance with the dress shirts that you may have.


Just like shirts acquire the personality of the wearer, the cufflinks also acquire the personality of the wearer. The most expensive cufflinks are of course the diamond cuff links, but then there are other materials that you can also choose from.

Metal cufflinks: Of course, silver or metal chrome cufflinks that have self-designs are liked the most by men. They can be encrusted or can also be engraved. Depending on the choice of what men like, you can always take your pick.

Personality type: Quite frankly, if the person is an extrovert or a flashy kind, then they would do great with dazzling and bright coloured cufflinks. This way they remain noticeable and can easily draw the attention of other people. On the other hand, if a person is introverted, they need subtle colours.

Occasion? Cufflinks are worn according to the occasion. If you are going to dress for a formal occasion or for a business meeting, then traditional or classic designs work the best. But if it’s for a night out or an informal do, then you have plenty of trends to choose from.

Choosing silver cufflinks: If you can’t make up your mind at all, then go with silver cufflinks. They are suited for all occasions and can go with a formal dress shirt or a party shirt. This is your safest bet when you consider that you are extremely confused about matching the cufflinks with the shirts.