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Choose the right cufflinks

Worn with dress shirts: Cufflinks are worn in accordance with the dress shirts that you may have.


Just like shirts acquire the personality of the wearer, the cufflinks also acquire the personality of the wearer. The most expensive cufflinks are of course the diamond cuff links, but then there are other materials that you can …

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Every Man Needs Cufflinks!


5 Good Reasons Why Every Man Needs Cufflinks

Did you think cufflinks were just for job interviews and weddings? Most men are under the impression that wearing links makes them look arrogant and pompous. This is a total misconception! Truth is, cufflinks can be the most interesting part of your whole ensemble if you wear …

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Cuff links: Your wrists will thank you


When it comes to everyday accessories, men have few options — there’s the tie, the watch, the briefcase. But there’s an old favorite in the dresser drawer worth reconsidering: the cuff link.

These fashion statements of the wrist are making a comeback. They’re being worn day and night and by everyone from college students …

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