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10 Unusual Cufflinks For Dapper Dudes

10 Unusual Cufflinks For Dapper Dudes

Making a statement in a suit and tie depends on the details, in addition to cuff links would be the perfect starting point. Aside from the all-purpose types of basic metals and colors seen in each and every man’s bureau, offbeat cuff links help marry form, function, as well as fun into one bold accessory. Here, we rounded up just a few luxurious designs that add a distinctive feel to your Job.


Play Ball: These silver cufflinks are made from an actual baseball used in a New York Yankees game. Every pair comes with a exclusively numbered hologram which allows customers to see the history of the ball.
Wild Caught: Transport yourself to the great outdoors with the Eighteen-karat yellowish and white gold cufflinks, featuring a rotating reel and fish shaped link.
bottle opener
Bottle Opener: With a flick of the wrist, these kinds of cufflinks can certainly open bottles when taken off.
Shark Tank: Flaunt your business acumen with blue sterling silver cufflinks that boast a moveable jaw.
High Seas: Pretty much all signs point North with this pair of sea-loving cufflinks, that feature a completely functional watch.
Mr. Bones: Include a bit of edge to the boardroom when you wear these skull and claw cufflinks, created out of silver and blackened-finished brass.
Tech Nerd: Always have that doc or maybe presentation accessible with these silver cuff links, featuring a 4GB USB inside.
Go West: Go to the Wild Wild West straight from your workplace with these cufflinks, crafted out of 18-karat gold with round diamond accents.
Vroom Vroom: Having a standout shiny red lacquer, these kinds of cuff links boast a gear-stick design that would appeal to any car enthusiast.
Wise One: These kinds of 14-karat gold Yoda cuff links might not enable you to be as wise as the Jedi master him self, although at the least you’ll look super eye-catching.